Print Release: Year of the Straw

I conceived this artwork in 2018 when social media and the news exposed me to a campaign calling for the ban of plastic straws, the mascot of single-use plastics. While I found the campaign comical for not including the plastic lid and cup, it did change my own habits regarding plastic waste… The baby portrayed in the print is my own son, Sky. He is laying in a nest of discarded straws, a trash island made of our past generation’s beverages, afloat in the middle of the ocean.

Part of the Self Help Graphics Print Summit Portfolio




June 12, 2019

“I made this artwork with the intention of bringing healing energy to a friend of mine. The piece focuses on the lower part of the female torso because it contains so much, from our digestive and reproductive systems to our centers of nervousness and fear . . . she’s holding her heart, an area of the body which holds emotion, love and power. How can we bring our heart energy into our lower abdomen?”


Photo by  Rafael Cardenas

WE RISE Los Angeles

June 2, 2019

I had the pleasure of participating in the 10 day pop up experience called We Rise with my piece Monarch Cluster. This event was sponsored by the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health. WE RISE calls attention to the critical need for early intervention, treatment, and care for mental wellbeing.