Teresa on the Spiritú Spring Box




"Fall" was created from start to finish in one long day. The production team from the website "Soul Pancake" came to my studio, set up lights and several cameras, and filmed me creating this work for approximately 6 hours.  Later on in the week I created a limited edition of the print (5), which is available for purchase, and the production team edited the footage into a 5 minute time-lapse film. Watch below!

Pile Installation at Vincent Price


This video depicts the installation of "Bison Skull Pile" at the 2011 exhibit, "Inner Landscape", at the Vincent Price Art Museum. The genesis for Bison Skull Pile comes from the famous bison skull photo of 1870, which depicts a mountain of bison skulls awaiting processing at a fertilizer plant. The massacre of the American Bison is a telling beginning to the consumer nature of our nation.